Solid 925 Sterling Silver Ring


ROSALINDA is a unique label. The prototype was sculpted and finished entirely by hand, featuring a robust design, incised top corners, and a rosebud welded onto an octagonal base. This ring with a style inspired by the "Mexican Bikers Rings" will be a unique addition to your collection.


Mexican biker rings aka souvenir rings aka knuckle dusters were popularized by outlaw bikers passing through border towns. At the end of the Mexican Revolution, the peso lost its value, but with craft and cunning, local Mexican craftsmen melted down the pesos to make rings, creating detailed jewelry they could be sold as souvenirs for more than the pesos were worth.

Fast forward to the 1940s when brawling bikers would buy up these rings as a way around the forbidden brass knuckles. See, the hand of the law had nothin' on the knuckles of the outlaws! To get around the prohibited knuckle dusters, bikers began wearing big burly rings. It's a style and identifiable marker that has never faded. 


Signet measures: 20 x 20 mm

Weight: 40g approx.

Production time may vary, as most of our jewelry is produced to order (that is, once a ring or pendant is purchased, our team of jewelers begins to produce the order).

We usually take between 3 and 14 days from the order.

* Delays may be experienced due to the 100% handmade process (especially stone rings)

It is absolutely important to ensure the correct size. The size change is gratuitous but the shipments are borne by the customer .

(from date of shipment)


- Spain

Delivery with Express service 24h with Correos Express

- Canary Islands and Balearic Islands
Delivery with Express service 3-5 days with Express Mail

- Europe
For shipments in the European Community we use a 24-48h service with UPS

- Rest of the world
Delivery between 3 and 6 days with Zeleris service

*All shipments outside the European Community need a PDF form for Customs that requires customer documentation (Identity Document or Passport)
Such document will be sent by mail before proceeding with the shipment.

All our jewelry, unless specified in the product description, are made of 925 Sterling Silver.
Here are some tips on how to care for and maintain your jewelry.

Our jewelry is designed to show off personality and we think they look best with some character and personality, so don't worry if you notice that your pieces are slightly marked by small scratches or bumps while wearing them.
If you prefer to keep your jewelry looking new, we recommend that you do not wear it in situations where it can be hit, and that when you are not wearing it, keep it in the original box or a cloth bag to protect it.s.

Sterling silver will naturally oxidize when exposed to common everyday items that contain sulfur, such as leather, rubber, chlorine, salt water, and even air pollution. This can cause a slight blackening of the piece where there is more contact with the skin.

This factor will also give character and personality to your piece. But if you decide that you prefer to keep your pieces looking shiny and new, simply polish them with a silver cleaning cloth / chamois.

If you do not know your size, the most reliable and professional way is to go to the nearest jewelry store and ask to have your finger measured where you want to wear the ring.
This is the safest way to know your size.

If you cannot go to any jewelry store, you can order our Ring Sizer for free (paying only shipping costs) at via this link: ring-sizer

*Once you know the diameter in millimeters of your finger, you can check in this conversion table, what size you have.

It is of absolute importance to ensure the correct size. The size change is free but shipments are paid by the customer .

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