Dirty Paradise sprung forth from the idea of jewelry that accentuates the personality, will and spirit of each client that wears the jewelry.

The brand produces unisex high end jewelry created by Alex Guitart in 2018.

When Alex made his return from a period of living in Australia, he discovered his interest in jewelry.

He realized that there was a serious lack of jewelry that ‘spoke’ to him.

This birthed the idea of creating a unique jewelry brand to stand out amongst the rest.

With a combination approach of original and exclusive designs, Dirty Paradise provides an awakening for something much deeper in each client.

“To do something dangerous with style is what I call art.”

Using only metals of noble and clean high quality. The jewelry produced is a dangerous game changer.

We at Dirty Paradise produce jewelry in Sterling Silver (925), and 9k, 14k and 18k Gold.

Everything is produced in Barcelona, from the first pencil strike on the sketch, the wax modeling,the casting and finishing of the pieces, and the setting and engraving.

Keeping the whole creation process in one location allows us to keep the highest standards in production and finishing quality.

At the outset, all production was spearheaded by Alex. By the end of 2019, the amount of orders received grew too large for one person to ensure optimal processing times and so more jewelers were added to the team.

We have our own distinguished designs and we love the challenge of making custom pieces on request.

The inspiration for our tattoo designs come mainly from Traditional American tattoos, custom motorcycles and the art that surrounds us.

We love bringing to life a client's own ideas and designs or illustrations and photos that have a special meaning to them.

There is the “Flat Models” series which is essentially a ‘blank canvas’ that we usually engrave.

And we of course produce pieces with personalized shapes if the jewel demands it.

The focus on production of each piece at Dirty Paradise is to be made 100% by hand to keep it genuine and unique through an artist's touch instead of coming off a mass production assembly line.

Artisanal methods used such as wax modeling and hand engraving( a technique in which a tool called graver which are extremely sharp blades are used to make cuts and incisions into the metal to create designs like illustrations, portraits, names etc.)

A rare technique for jewelers even in modern times is to use a microscope to make the engravings which achieves a high level of precision and detail.

This all comes together to make jewelry at Dirty Paradise one of unusually high detail and quality.

Come stay in our little Paradise for a while.

Be warned you might get a little dirty.