Our jewelry is designed to show off personality, so don't worry if you notice that your pieces are slightly marked by small scratches or bumps. Sterling Silver will naturally oxidize when exposed to common everyday items that contain sulfur, such as leather, rubber, chlorine, salt water, and even air pollution. We think our designs look best with some character, but if you decide you prefer to keep your pieces looking shiny and new, just polish them with a silver cleaning cloth/chamois; they can be purchased at most jewelry stores.



A reaction that in some case can occur, will be a green substance on your finger. This will be particularly obvious on the first contact of a new piece with your skin. This is the sweat on your finger, which reacts with the blackening solution used on the detailed areas of the ring. We use a sulfur solution to darken the grooves/details on the ring and with certain skin types this can leak a small portion of the solution and give your finger a green look. With most of our ring designs, the wide surface also creates a larger area for perspiration that will affect the"green finger."

This only happens in the first stage of wearing the ring. After some time of wear using the ring, this will stop! If not, simply send the part back to us and we can clean the ring to remove any surface impurities.

Contact us with any other questions about the alloys we use and the care of these parts, we will be happy to help you.

Dirty Paradise Team.